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Business and Partnership Disputes

When you’re part of a business you’re not in it alone. Maybe you started a business by having an idea for your company’s product or service. Or maybe you joined an existing business by investing money to get operations going. Either way, you likely worked with a team of business associates as shareholders in a closely held corporation, or members of an LLC or partnership.

When you work with business associates you operate with an understanding of how your business relationship will be conducted. That understanding may be laid out in formal documents like Operating Agreements, or company bylaws. Alternatively, you may have a verbal understanding with your partners. If your business associates are not living up to their end of the agreement – or if your associates have limited or ended your role in the company you helped create – you’ll need legal help to get just compensation.

Company members and shareholders must live up to responsibilities set out in company documents like the Operating Agreement and company bylaws. Additionally, state law, including provisions of the Corporations Code, set forth strict requirements for the conduct and operations of various entities, including corporations and limited liability companies.

  • Share Divestment

  • Share Dilution

  • Improper Amendment of Operating Agreements / Company Bylaws

  • Determination of Fair Market Value of Business Interests

  • Removal from Board of Directors

  • Access to Company Information

  • Refusal to Pay Dividends

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Misappropriation of Funds