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Business Interference

You know what to expect from your vendors, suppliers, insurance companies, customers, and other businesses and corporations. You count on other businesses to compete fairly, and expect that no one will unreasonably and unlawfully interfere with your ability to make your small business a success.

But some factors are outside of your control. If a government, corporation, or person has interfered with your ability to run your business, you may be left dealing with the aftermath. At the very least you’ve had to move quickly to lessen your losses. At the worst, you’ve found that there’s been a serious disruption to your business operations, that you’ve lost money, and that your reputation with your clients and customers has been damaged. You may even be facing the prospect of being put out of business entirely.

The law has processes in place to protect small business owners. It is an actionable tort for a person or company to intentionally interfere with an existing contract. Similarly, a person or company who intentionally or negligently interferes with economic relationships – relationships that are likely to lead to revenue or other economic benefit – are exposing themselves to civil liability.

Contact us for a free consultations to discuss your legal options for dealing with interference in business operations, including:

  • Business Interruption and Business Interference

  • Third Party Interference with Existing Contracts

  • Third Party Interference with Business Relationships

  • Interference with Retail and Professional Service Businesses

  • Interference with Manufactured/Mobile Home Leases; Storage Leases; Commercial and Residential Leases, and Other Long-Term Land Leases.

  • Interference with Land Entitlements.

  • Interference Caused by Government or Public Works Projects, Including Construction

  • Interference Caused by Unfair or Unlawful Competition