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Eminent Domain

If you own property, whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, or open land, you expect that governmental entities and municipalities will not interfere with the use of your property.

If all or part of your property has been taken by the government, then you may be entitled to compensation. Furthermore, you may be entitled to compensation if a government or public entity has indirectly interfered with the use your property, whether by executing a large scale construction project, beginning construction or development, or undertaking a public works project that caused damage to your property.

The right to receive compensation for a governmental taking of property is a constitutional right under both the United States and California constitutions.

The government is required to pay landowners fair and just compensation for any property it acquires through the power of eminent domain.

Furthermore, the law protects property owners who have experienced interference from a public improvement or similar project that was operating as deliberately designed, constructed, and maintained. The government is required by law to make the landowner whole after a property taking.

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