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Real Estate Fraud

Whether it’s purchasing a primary residence, or investing in a vacation home or retirement home, buying property is a significant investment of your resources.

You likely did a fair amount of research when you purchased your property, and relied on a team of experts, including property developers, brokers, agents, and sales teams to help you make the right decision.

You should be able to rely on people and companies to give you accurate information about what you’re purchasing. If you’ve discovered that someone made material misrepresentations to you during the purchase of your property, you’ve been left with a significant and unanticipated problem.

The law imposes civil liability on individuals or companies who fraudulently misrepresent real property purchases or investments, or purposely withhold critical information from purchasers. Similarly, the law imposes civil liability where individuals or companies negligently – even if not purposely – mislead purchasers regarding their real estate investments.

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