Do you charge for consultations?

No, we do not charge for initial consultations. We will examine your case, review applicable documents, and meet with you regarding possible retention for free. If you are considering the possibility of litigation you need to be able to investigate your options without the pressure of high fees for initial consultations. Call or email us to see if we can help.

What is contingency representation?

When we represent you on a contingency fee basis it means that we do not charge hourly fees for our time. Instead, we take our attorney’s fees as an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement or judgment that we obtain for your case. The costs and expenses associated with bringing a lawsuit may be handled differently, but you shouldn’t be prevented from getting justice in your case because of high hourly fees.

Do you provide fee arrangements other than contingency representation?

Yes. Our fee arrangements vary depending on the specific needs of the case and the client. In addition to contingency fee representation, we offer hourly fee representation and flat fees for cases that are best served by alternative agreements. Our case-specific fee arrangements allow us to resolve your problem while maximizing your recovery.

My case involves events that took place outside of California. Can you still help?

Yes. If you live outside of California, or if you have a case involving events that occurred outside of California, we can assist you.

What kinds of damages can I get if I file a lawsuit?

The law is designed to ensure that people who have suffered losses are made whole. Depending on the case, recoverable damages can include compensatory damages (also called ‘special damages’) to recover your economic losses, and general damages to recover compensation for non-economic losses, including pain and suffering for personal injury claims, and loss of use and enjoyment for real property claims. The law additionally provides equitable remedies such as injunctions, rescission, and specific performance in particular cases. And the law provides for the recovery of punitive damages in certain cases where a defendant has acted with malice, fraud, or oppression.

Whatever the case, the law is intended to provide the damages and relief necessary to correct a defendant’s conduct. Contact us to discuss the types of compensation we may be able to obtain in your case.

What is the next step after I hire the firm?

We will meet with you to create a plan for litigating your case. We’ll review the litigation process with you and identify key events and issues that are likely to be applicable to your case. Communication is a priority for us. We’ll make sure that you are fully informed on strategy and important developments related to your case.